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Finger Lakes Dowsers (FLD)  located in New York state is a chapter of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD).

City/Town: Syracuse
Chapter Name: Finger Lakes Chapter
Contact Person: Suzanne Kotcher
Phone: (315) 622-9668
EMail: info@fingerlakesdowsers.com

President: Suzanne Kotcher
Vice President: Jini Cerio
Secretary: Janice Carr
Treasurer: John Butler

Meetings: The Finger Lakes Dowsers Chapter meets every 3rd Thursday of the month from 6PM to 9PM. Our current meeting location is NORTH SYRACUSE COMMUNITY CENTER, 700 SOUTH BAY ROAD, NORTH SYRACUSE 13212.  We request a donation of $5.

FLD Membership Application: Please use the membership application form available here to sign-up for the Finger Lakes Dowsers chapter of the ASD. The membership to FLD is free. Never-the-less, unless you are a member of FLD, you will not have access to the membership list nor will you be able to access the protected material that is regularly published and available to the  members of FLD only. We also recommend that you register with ASD. ASD has many resources available only to members of ASD on their web site. As a member of ASD you will receive discounts for books and other material available on the ASD web site. The registration to ASD can be done over the ASD web site at this link.

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