Meeting Minutes 2014

2014 Meetings: Please review the minutes of the following meetings.

FINGER LAKES CHAPTER ASD – Minutes – November 20, 2014
President Suzanne Kotcher called the business meeting to order at 6:33pm on November 20.
Thank you to Jere Welch who helped set up the room even though he could not stay for the meeting.
There was a review of how to access the Finger Lakes website. Book Babe has added another book review.
Talk to Suzanne if you would like a dowsing mentor from the group.
Next month will be our Christmas Party starting at 6:30pm. Please bring a dish to pass, and unwrapped items for the Silent Auction to benefit Water For Humanity.
Speakers for 2015 will include Adhi Two Owls, Tom DiFernando, and John Butler and Jere Welch.
The program was presented by Jini Cerio on the Emotion and Body Code.
Thank you to Lois Favalo who took notes for the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Leola Sutton – Secretary

FINGER LAKES CHAPTER ASD – Minutes – October 16, 2014
President Suzanne Kotcher called the meeting to order at 6:38pm.
The minutes were read and John Butler gave the Treasurer’s Report.

We have secured our meeting place for next year, and the rent will
remain at $70 until June 1, 2015.

Vice President and Webmaster Eric Inglin gave a short presentation on how
to access and use the Finger Lakes Chapter website at www.fingerlakes Check out the new section where dowsing books will be
reviewed by Book Babe.

Program Chair Jini Cerio asked for speaker suggestions. Please let her know
if there is a program you would like, or if you would like to present one.

Tom Meade demonstrated a Moldavite Wand Tool that he recently acquired,
and he will be offering them for purchase.

Suzanne described how she uses the Isis pendulum to clear the way when driving.

The business meeting closed at 7:10pm.

A DVD on the Holy Grail Vortex by Mary Hardy was shown, and the evening closed with members taking part in the technique.

Respectfully submitted,
Leola Sutton – Secretary

Finger Lakes Chapter, ASD – Board Meeting – October 11, 2014

Present: Suzanne Kotcher, President; Eric Inglin, Vice President; Kay Inglin, Past President; Leola Sutton, Secretary; Jini Cerio, Program Chair. Absent: John Butler, Treasurer

The meeting began at 11am. Discussion and instruction regarding the chapter website was presented by Eric. He will provide a mini-workshop at the October meeting to teach members how to access, obtain a password, and use the site. At succeeding meetings, he will expand on the information. It is important for members to contact Eric if they are not able to get their password, or if they have questions. Eric said that 40% or less open their
e-mails from us. Everyone agreed that meeting notices will be sent out more than once. Also, it was suggested that the program topic for the following month would be announced at each meeting. This can be done even if all the details have not been finalized. Eric would like to place permanent information about some of our programs and speakers on the website. Links to other interesting and helpful sites can also be added. Leola will provide a book favorites section. The website is an opportunity to showcase our chapter and promote dowsing.

We have 81 chapter members at present.

Suzanne will contact ASD to obtain the necessary information so that a chapter checking account can be opened, and to get answers to questions about our insurance coverage through ASD. She will give the dates for our 2015 meetings to North Syracuse Village, and also clarify the liability coverage for our meetings that they provide.

A short dowsing technique will be presented at each meeting. Everyone agreed that this is important because we are a dowsing group; even though we present a wide range of programs. Jini will demo different pendulums and discuss their use.

The program for October will be the Holy Grail Vortex by Mary Hardy. After the DVD, Suzanne will lead the group in the technique.

Everyone concurred that having a rough draft of programs for at least the following 3 months and even more would be helpful.

Future Program Ideas :
John Butler and Jere Welch – Map Dowsing
Madis Senner – Earth Energies
Dian Freeman – Nutritional Counseling
Susan Collins – Dowsing – Feng Shui – Pres. Canadian Dowsers
Lois Favalo and Bev Pontillo – Making Herbal Remedies
Emma Harner – Essential Oils
Jeff Gregory – Various topics
Delores Card – Tapping and other topics
Tom DiFernando – Energy Healer
Jeanne Boudreau – Drumming
Diane Neubauer – Fractal Art
Cindy Griffith – Various topics
Margaret Chao – Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Sherie Viencek – Endocrine Systems
Adhi Two Owls – Energy Healer
Sandee Mac
Alicja Aratyn
Raymon Grace Video

The meeting closed with a demonstration of the Holy Grail Vortex.

Respectfully Submitted,
Leola Sutton – Secretary

FINGER LAKES CHAPTER ASD – Minutes – September 18, 2014

President Suzanne Kotcher called the business meeting to order at 6:34 pm. The minutes were read and the Treasurer’s Report was given by John Butler.

A letter was received from Steve Herbert to thank us for our chapter’s $100 donation to Water For Humanity.

Mary Hardy’s Holy Grail video will be shown at an upcoming program.

Jini Cerio asked for volunteers who would be willing to call and remind members when there will be a seminar sponsored by our chapter.

The business meeting closed at 6:44pm.

Program Chair Jini Cerio introduced Bill Getz, who presented a program on Water Dowsing. Bill reminded us that another benefit of ASD national membership is the hundreds of articles available on their website. All of the Quarterly Digest articles from 1961 to the present are posted, and they contain a huge amount of dowsing information.

Respectfully Submitted,
Leola Sutton – Secretary

FINGER LAKES CHAPTER, ASD – Minutes – August 21, 2014

President Suzanne Kotcher called the business meeting to order at 6:40pm. Minutes were read and the Treasurer’s report was given by John Butler.

Suzanne announced that our program in September will be given by Professional Water Dowser Bill Getz. On the following Saturday, Bill will present a workshop on Water Dowsing.

Vice President Eric Inglin explained how to access the member’s section of our website at Your first and last name is the user name, and Eric will give you the password.

Suzanne described the benefits of joining the American Society of Dowsers. They include a Quarterly Journal, a 10% discount at the ASD bookstore, and member only rates at the yearly convention in VT. Yearly membership is $50.00.

If you are interested in having a dowsing mentor from the group, please talk to Suzanne. A very helpful booklet can be downloaded at the website. It was written by Walt Woods and is a free download.

The business meeting closed at 6:55pm.

Program for the evening was a Hannah Kroeger DVD on healing techniques, followed by practice sessions.

Respectfully Submitted,
Leola Sutton, Secretary

July 17, 2014 at 6:00 PM in North Syracuse Community Center 700 South Bay Rd, North Syracuse 13212

The July 17, 2014 meeting of Finger Lakes Chapter, American Society of Dowsers was called to order by President Suzanne Kotcher at 6:35pm. Minutes were read and the Treasurer’s report was given by Eric Inglin.

It was suggested that we make a chapter donation to Water For Humanity. This organization within the American Society of Dowsers seeks to provide funding for water resources development, purification, protection, and conservation in areas of critical need worldwide. Tim Hart made the motion that we donate $100. Jemma Macera seconded and the motion was approved.

Eric Inglin explained that we can bring books we no longer want for the donation table. Their sale will benefit the chapter. If they do not sell, please take them home.

Members are welcome to bring business cards and/or flyers for display.

If you would like to be a presenter at a chapter meeting, please talk to Program Chair Jini Cerio. Professional water dowser Bill Getz will present a program and workshop in the fall.

Suzanne will present a 15 minute lesson on dowsing at our August meeting.

The business meeting closed at 6:50pm.

Our program consisted of presentations of ASD conference classes by Leola Sutton, John Butler, Suzanne Kotcher, and Jini Cerio.

Respectfully submitted,
Leola Sutton, Secretary


The June 19, 2014 meeting of Finger Lakes Chapter, American Society of Dowsers was called to order by President Suzanne Kotcher at 6:35pm. The minutes were read. John Butler was pleased to give a very positive Treasurer’s report.

Suzanne explained the benefits of belonging to the American Society of Dowsers (ASD). Our Finger Lakes chapter is backed by this national organization. SandeeMac, who has presented many programs to our group, is the current President. Each year in June, a convention is held at Lyndon State College in Lyndonville, VT. Over 80 programs are offered on dowsing as well as many other topics. The cost of yearly membership is $50.00 and this includes the “Quarterly Digest”, discounts at the online bookstore, and access to hundreds of dowsing articles on the website at

Suzanne demonstrated a Bober, which is a dowsing instrument that can create a vortex for clearing spaces. She shared different ways we can use dowsing, such as: health dowsing, clearing of negative energies, answers to questions, finding lost objects, people, and pets, and locating potable water. If you would like to connect with a mentor from our group to assist you in learning how to dowse, please speak to Suzanne.

John Butler suggested we consider working with Mary Hardy’s grid system technique that will benefit the planet.

Kay Inglin encouraged us to check out the Lightworkers Central NY group on Facebook. It is open to everyone for sharing of information.

A flyer was available for Sheri Green’s 50th birthday party on June 21.

Program Chair Jini Cerio introduced Marc Mario, who presented a power point program on “Spiritual Anatomy”.

Respectfully Submitted,
Leola Sutton, Secretary

The meeting was called to order on May 15, 2014 by President Kay Inglin at 6:30pm. There were 21 in attendance.

The secretary’s report was read by Suzanne Kotcher. The treasurer’s report was read by Eric Inglin.

Kay, our outgoing President, acted as chair of the election committee. The following candidates were presented to the membership:

President – Suzanne Kotcher
Vice President – Eric Inglin
Secretary – Leola Sutton
Treasurer – John Butler

The membership approved the slate of officers who will begin their terms in June.

Kay thanked everyone for all of their help in getting the chapter going and maintaining it. Special thanks to Barb Guzik for handling sign ups, to Jini Cerio for programs and Leola Sutton, Jere Welch, and Suzanne Kotcher for set-up, cleanup and getting the key for the building.

Kay thanked Jennie Anderson, in particular, for her many years of service to the chapter and for her service as Vice President after we reorganized in 2013.

Kay discussed Elaine Knapp’s facebook group – a group to showcase events in the greater CNY area.

Jini Cerio explained the flyer from Heidi Baldwin concerning her healing practice. Jini also announced that Lee Carroll from Kryon and Robert Coxon will be presenting a program on June 28, 2014. Dr. Todd will present on June 29th.

Braco the healer will be in Rochester on June 24th.

Jennie Anderson discussed the healing work of Mo Wheeler and her non-profit group. Donations will be gratefully accepted by Jennie.

Jini gave Kay a beautiful bouquet for her service to us as President of the Chapter. We are very grateful to her and Eric Inglin.

Jini introduced Randy Fiege who presented a program on Biogenesis at 6:40pm.

Suzanne Kotcher
Outgoing Secretary

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