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Please join us on Thursday, January 17th at 6:00 PM at the


The Finger Lakes Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers
presents: Let’s put Happy and Healthy into 2019 – A Presentation on Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine and more!

Sally Gewinner and Sheila Murphy (both are Chapter members, dowsers and energy workers) will give a presentation of Donna Eden’s (Energy Medicine) Daily Energy Routine. It will include background information on Donna Eden and information on the routine itself. Donna’s work is excellent for health and vitality. The routine itself is a five to ten minute series of exercises that boost and balance energy and vitality. Participants will be shown how to perform the exercises and given time to practice. Also, there will be time to ask questions.

After the presentation, if members would like to share their own tips for remaining grounded and healthy, the floor will be open. Just a few minutes to share or to talk about energy work, meditation, food tips, etc., that you do or find helpful would be wonderful to round out the evening. Let’s put Happy and Healthy into 2019. Join us for an evening of great information, a wonderful Daily Energy Routine, and any tips to share.

It will be an energizing evening. Join us and invite your friends!

Schedule for the meeting:
6:00 to 6:30 – Sign-in and Dowser sharing of techniques (If you are new to dowsing – request help with basic techniques during this time period.)

6:30 – Short business meeting
Presentation will follow the business meeting.

Refreshments: We’d welcome it if you’d like to bring a snack to share with the group. Please remember that we need to haul out everything that we bring in, so if you bring something to share please take any leftovers home with you. Thanks in advance!

Fundraising: At every meeting, we offer a “New-to-You” donation table of books and dowsing/metaphysical related objects (think crystals, stones, divination cards, etc) that are no longer useful to you personally but might be of interest to other chapter members. Meeting participants can then purchase these items from the chapter for a donation. Please bring anything you’d like to give away and we will have a table where we can shop for the benefit of the chapter.

If you have questions please call Suzanne at 315-622-9668 or on her cell during the day at 315-382-5139.

Please note that if the weather conditions are bad, the meeting will be canceled and we will send out an e-mail to that effect before 4PM that afternoon. You will not receive an e-mail if the meeting is not canceled.

Also check out the “BOOK BABE” a.k.a. Leola’s page. You will find great book reviews and lots of information about dowsing.



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