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Please join us on Thursday,Thursday, November 18th at 6:00 PM at the


We will have a meeting at the North Syracuse Community Center on October 21st.  The doors will open by 6 PM.  There will be a short business meeting at 6:30, followed by our speaker at 6:45.  We ask for a $5 donation at the door.

Based on CDC recommendations, masks are no longer required if you have been vaccinated.  If you are not vaccinated we request that you wear a mask.  Please feel free to continue to wear a mask if it makes you more comfortable.  Your comfort is our primary concern.

We will still not have a refreshment table at this time.  We will, however, have the used book table back by popular demand.

The Finger Lakes Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers presents:

Alicja Aratyn – Scientific Dowsing – Scary or Fun?

From Atlantis, where healing with crystals was ruling, through Ancient Egypt with their fantastic knowledge called Sacred Geometry, to the modern times Europe and North America with discoveries of Quantum Physics, dowsing made a massive leap from self-discovery to Scientific Dowsing. As much as self-discovery is fine, we can learn a lot from our dowsing ancestors and modern scientists whose discoveries enhanced today’s dowsing immensely.  Isaac Newton said “I know more because I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors.” Join us for the lecture, where we will “connect the dots” regarding dowsing. Let’s talk about the evolution of shapes, their vibrations and their influence on today’s dowsing – especially healing with dowsing instruments. We will also talk about our brain – how it correlates with those shapes and tools and how we can influence it with our therapeutic pendulum. In this very visual class, Alicja will prove that the shape of your pendulums may advance your dowsing and enhance your healing abilities. We will see how modern dowsing strongly connects the past’s wisdom with current scientific achievements, i.e. how the theory of entanglement fits dowsing. Why is Zero Point Energy essential for dowsers to understand? As an engineer by background, Alicja will break down seemingly complex terms and concepts into simple to comprehend and assimilate – valid for every dowser’s knowledge. Let’s together explore dowsing from a scientific perspective, which will help us dowse correctly for everything our heart desires.

It will be an exciting, informative evening.
Join us and invite your friends!
Here is the link to Alicja’s short video about her Thursday 10/18 presentation and Saturday 10/20 course:


Sign up for the November 20, 2021 online interactive course “The Perfect Match – GNM and Dowsing” during the regular meeting with Jini Cerio if you are paying by cash or check. You may also text or call Jini Cerio at 315-450-6990 to sign up by cash or check or for more information.

Otherwise, call Alicja directly at 905-848-1233 to pay via credit card or to pay via PayPal or Stripe go to:


The Perfect Match – GNM and Dowsing
Saturday, November 20, 2021 at 10 am – 2:30 pm

When people are suffering, the very first issue we need to address is FEAR! and PAIN! How can we, as dowsers, help? In this workshop, I would like to assist you during your own healing session. You will assess your health, understand your condition’s core issue, and heal it with a pendulum. With such a personal experience, you will be ready to help others effectively! We will begin with a little of human anatomy’s history: how we came to today’s body shape over millions of years and why. Understanding that part will bring us to a more in-depth exploration of our life cycles – I will teach you how to count them and what they mean. I am sure you will be surprised by what will uncover there! (It is not numerology, though!) We will look at your “life story”. To some degree, we all think we know our lives just because we went through all predicaments, and we remember how awful or devastating we felt! But, it does not mean we are done with it. You may be amazed how much you don’t know and understand YOU! Would you, please, choose the problem you want to solve – an emotional issue or physical condition? The choice is yours. Also – if you have a Therapeutic Pendulum, please have it handy. See you on Saturday, November 20 at 9:45 am when the virtual door opens for the course!

The structure of the course:

Part 1 (1 hour): Are You a Slave or a Master of Your Brain?
• Therapeutic pendulums – what it means and their functions in healing;
• Brain and its functions in regards to different germ layers;
• How and why do people get sick?
• Trauma, drama and solutions – what brain has to do with it?
• Pain and inflammation – their purpose and solutions.

Part 2 (1 hour): The Truth Shall Set You Free!
• The difference between male and female reactions to traumas;
• The influence of age on our emotional reactions;
• Life cycles – is there other than a Numerology way to view them?
• The role of our life cycles in deciphering health challenges;
• Practicing with developing your lifeline and establishing life cycles.

Break (20 min.)

Part 3 (1 hour): Why Our Energetic Systems Turns On or Off
• Respiratory system complications;
• Kidneys and water problems – how can we resolve them?
• Heart – are you tired of it all?
• Working with handouts provided

Part 4 (1 hour): Finishing Touch and Closing Comments
• Finishing work on Life Cycles
• Continuation of our work on handouts
• Q&A
• Final Remarks from Alicja


Alicja Aratyn – Biography
Alicja Aratyn is an Environmental Engineer and a Reverend travelling extensively worldwide to share ancient knowledge and bridging it with modern, cutting-edge scientific research. Born in Poland, she came to Canada to pursue her dream of increasing spiritual development away from political restrictions. The sickness of her son brought her to turning fascination into full-time work. Her ability to see energies, past lives and extraterrestrial influences helped many people from around the world. Phone #: 905-848-1233 e-mail: Alicja@intuitivedowsing.com website: intuitivedowsing.com


Schedule for the meeting:
6:00 to 6:30 – Sign-in and Dowser sharing of techniques (If you are new to dowsing – request help with basic techniques during this time period.)

6:30 – Short business meeting
Presentation will follow the business meeting.

If you have questions please call Suzanne at 315-622-9668 or on her cell during the day at 315-382-5139.

Also check out the “BOOK BABE” a.k.a. Leola’s page. You will find great book reviews and lots of information about dowsing.

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