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Please join us on Thursday, January 19th at 6:00 PM at the


We will have a meeting at the North Syracuse Community Center on January 19th. The doors will open by 6 PM.  There will be a short business meeting at 6:30, followed by our speaker at 6:45.  We ask for a $5 donation at the door.


The Finger Lakes Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers presents:

Jimbo Talbot- 

Medicine in the Music: Sound Healing Tips ‘n Tools for Everyone

We all know the healing power of music.  But did you know that the practice of sound healing traces its roots back to the beginning of recorded history?  From the time of the ancients, shamans, medicine people, and healers were revered for their abilities to diagnose, heal and prevent illness through the use of sound.

Yet, many of those practices are much more common than you might think.  Science has begun to catch up with this ancient art, and now more than ever before, we start to understand how managing and harnessing the power of sound – in a World filled with sound made up of vibrations – can prevent up to 90% of medical visits.  Why? Because the root causes of illness are mainly brought on by stress.  Looking back at how ancient cultures have used it, we can harness the power of sound using readily available instruments accessible to anyone.

After a brief history and a smattering of research, we get to the heart of the matter.  Learn and practice stimulating the vagus nerve, a primary key to reducing stress.  Practice better, more efficient breathing for producing oxygen-rich blood.  With demonstrations provided, opportunities for practice with various vibrational instruments, both large and small, will provide an excellent foundational working knowledge of sound healing.  Additionally, various tools will be available for purchase to continue the practice of sound healing.

JIMBO TALBOT dba DrumQuest – www.drumquest.com Acclaimed drum circle facilitator, professional percussionist and vocalist, and sound healer, Jimbo Talbot brings the FUN in designing, directing and sharing collaborative healing and co-creative transformational experiences. With nearly thirty years of professional music and team-building facilitation experience, he is the founder of DrumQuest, Adventures in Rhythm: Feel Happy and Healthy, One Beat at a Time. A passionate and purposeful play facilitator and teacher, he inspires and provides clients w/simple tools to access their own inner rhythms, become more aware of and release blocked energy, then open to making true connection, expression, reducing stress, increasing immune function w/a higher state of health and well-being. With an unshakeable belief that all beings are inherently musical and are here to share their expressions, he serves wide-ranging communities and client groups in developing expressive communities. Client communities include schools, churches and spiritual centers, senior communities, special needs, as well as corporate groups. He has worked w/Coca-Cola®, Goldman-Sachs, The Chopra Institute and NYS Traumatic Brain Injury Association. Jimbo also is an accomplished workshop presenter and speaker, having offered in person and on line programs. Recent presentations include Elevating Vibrational Thinking for University Students, Rhythmic Connections during the Pandemic, Engaging the Aging to Increased Health and Wellness. With a bachelor’s degree in voice, he has sung w/opera companies and choral groups from New York to California. He is a graduate of Music for People®, certified Remo HealthRHYTHMS® practitioner and member of the Drum Circle Facilitator’s Guild. For more information or to schedule your next rhythmic adventures go to www.drumquest.com or email Jimbo @ jim@drumquest.com.

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Vibrational Medicine: A Practice To Heal What Ails You
2 Hour Workshop

Sunday, January 22, 2023           2pm  – 4 pm           Cost – $35

For many, the thought of another visit to the doctor is cause for alarm or at least an unpleasant feeling. It’s little wonder, in looking at our Western Model of Medicine, with a lack of adequate medical care for all, risings costs, and an over-dependency on pharmaceuticals often causing more harm than healing, even with all the advances in modern medicine, that we’re left wondering why we struggle so to achieve a better state of health. And yet, in looking back to Ancient Eastern Cultures, patients often only paid physicians when they were well and not when they were ill. The secrets of Eastern Healing are steeped in vibrational medicine, often called sound healing. Physicians, healers, and the like practice and prescribe working with these simple tools – vibrational sounding, nature journeys, and proper diet – to effect cures that get to the root of the problem.

Fortunately, many of these prescriptions for self-healing have been revealed and are now made available to aid in developing a healthier systems balance in the body. While we do not suggest that one cut out going to the doctor altogether, especially in emergencies, many so-called check-ups and follow-ups can be avoided by adopting some of these elementary practices. Often, after a session, clients indicate headaches and assorted aches and pains simply disappearing. Breathing is improved, mental clarity returns and there is an overall feeling of calm alertness. Posture and gait also benefit here.

Together, in this two-hour hands-on workshop, we’ll take turns giving and receiving vibrational medicine to relieve stress, ease tension, lower heart rate, and blood pressure, and normalize breathing to achieve a more balanced state of being. We’ll practice with gongs, Himalayan bowls, tuning forks, and energy chimes, as well as hand drums and hand pans, and rattles. All instruments and tools for effecting change will be made available for workshop practice. Additionally, there will be a good selection of instruments and tools available for purchase to help you continue to develop and build a more healthful state of being.

The date of this seminar is Sunday, January 22, 2023 from 2PM to 4 PM at the Fayetteville Village Hall. Space is very limited! Preregistration is required for this event. To preregister or to ask questions, call or text Jini Cerio at 315-450-6990. If you get a machine message that says Markowitz Florist, leave a message with your phone number and Jini will get back to you

The workshop location:
Fayetteville Village Town Hall
425 East Genesee St (Rt 5), Fayetteville. NY  13066

(Located in the Village next to the Fayetteville Fire Dept.–Parking is behind the bldg–go to 1st traffic light after bldg turn left unto North Manlius Street and then in 100 ft turn left onto Elm St.–go past the back of the fire house into next parking lot–you will see the words “Town Hall” on the brick bldg–when you enter go in to the 3rd floor–there is an elevator and a staircase)


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