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Please join us on Thursday, May 19th at 6:00 PM at the


We will have a meeting at the North Syracuse Community Center on May 19th. The doors will open by 6 PM.  There will be a short business meeting at 6:30, followed by our speaker at 6:45.  We ask for a $5 donation at the door.


The Finger Lakes Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers presents:The Finger Lakes Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers presents:

Dr. Adhi Two Owls –

Healing the Environment Starts With Our Gardens at Home

In this talk I will discuss some of the methods and ways we can use our dowsing to improve the soil, air and energy qualities of the spaces we live in. There’s a misconception about how we have to do big things to save the environment. Really, it’s much closer to home where we need to start – even if you live in an apartment or you only have access to a small amount of land or even just potted plants. You can create an energetic environment that is healing and sustainable for the well-being of everybody who lives there, but also eventually it will expand out to the environment around you.

This information is based on research I’ve been doing over the last 15 to 20 years. It has its roots in Biogeometry, yet is expanded into other areas of earth energy, agricultural energy work and how we relate to the planet through Shamanism and other spiritual practices.

Bring a pendulum and dowsing rods.

Invite your friends!


Saturday, May 21st  Workshops:

These 1/2 day classes are $35 per person. Attend one or both!

Cultivating Lifeforce, Vitality and Good Vibes

In this workshop Dr. Adhi will present several ways in which you can use your dowsing and other energy methods to expand your personal life-force energy and create abundant vitality that radiates all the good vibe energy we want to put out in the world. The world is going through some obvious changes and it’s really up to us as individuals to work on ourselves in a way that allows us to be part of the solution. These techniques will not only ground us, but also expand us as we plug into the Earth energies that drive the much larger mechanisms of Earth. Bring a pendulum and a bobber. Handouts will be provided.

Healthy Homes, Healthy Hearts

An important aspect of our lives is where we live. Living in homes that are toxic or full of trauma etc., will slowly erode our ability to function in the world in a healthy manner. In this workshop I will present methods and techniques to clear, balance and remove unwanted energies and cultivate healthy ones in our homes. When our environments feel safe and provide us with the right set of energetic support, our hearts only expand more and it allows us to be a better human being in the world. This translates to our energy work, dowsing and our spiritual path to be more inspired and sustainable.

Private sessions will also be offered:
1 hour $100 (cash)

  • Soul integration/retrieval
  • Removing of implants, attachments and cording
  • Home and map dowsing
  • Medical dowsing
  • Energy healing clearing and balancing

To register for workshops or a private session please call Jini at 315-450-6990. Registration will also be available at the Thursday meeting. 

Workshop Location:
Fayetteville Village Town Hall – 3rd floor
425 East Genesee Street (Rte 5), Fayetteville, NY 13066
(Located in the village next to the Fayetteville Fire Dept.- Parking is behind the bldg – go to 1st traffic light after bldg – turn left on North Manlius Street and then in 100 ft turn left on Elm St – go past the back of the fire house into next parking lot  – you will see the words “Town Hall” on the brick bldg  – when you enter in go to the 3rd floor – there is an elevator and a stair case)


Save the date!
Tao Huang will speak in June.  Keep posted for more details.


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