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Book Babe Christmas List – 2018

Here are some gift ideas…perhaps for you also!

More Than Meets The Eye – 1999
Judith Poole

This book is so basic to the very essence of what it means to be fully human! Anyone will benefit from reading the 100 pages that are packed with numerous energy activities – and the instructional diagrams are excellent. It’s spiral bound for easy use.

Ley Lines and Earth Energies – 2003
David Cowan & Chris Arnold

Why do some places feel special? How did our ancestors know how to map their sacred sites and burial grounds? How do these earth energies affect our health? There are lots of questions and even some answers from these well-known dowsers.

Rune Lore – 1987
Edred Thorsson

This is a basic book about the Runes, Runic Codes, Runic Numerology, explanations of the Runic Mysteries, as well as Rune Magic and Divination. If you want to learn more about these symbols, add this book to your library.

The following four books are guaranteed to bring smiles for you or
a pet parent friend.

Bliss To You – Trixie’s Guide To A Happy Life – 2008
Trixie Koontz (Dog) with Dean Koontz

“So how to find your purpose? First, ask self what you enjoy doing most.
If answer is not criminal activity, might be your purpose.”

“Moon probably not made of cheese. But if one chance in ten million is made of cheese, we must triple annual NASA budget.”

Christmas Is Good!  – 2005
Trixie Koontz (Dog) with Dean Koontz

“Pretend to love stupid tug toy. Later, when family is asleep, can play video games.”

“If caught being naughty, look cute. Always works.”

Let’s not leave our cat masters out:

Cat Naps: The Key To Contentment – 2003
Kitty wisdom – “Life is hard; then you nap.”

“How beautiful it is to do nothing and nap afterwards.”

I Could Pee On This – 2012
Francesco Marciuliano

“They say there are 24 hours in a day, but I’m up for only three of them, and two of those I consider overtime.”

“Life is a hallway meant to be explored. One barely head-sized hole at a time.”

Under An Ionized Sky – 2018
Elana Freeland

Investigator Elana Freeland has written the map of what our future may hold. From chemtrails to space fence lockdown, we may need to trade our ignorance and complacency for the awareness and strength needed for the battles ahead.

What If God Were The Sun? – 2000
John Edward

This is internationally acclaimed psychic medium John Edward’s first novel. He writes about a close-knit family and their way of dealing with life and loss over the generations. It’s a short book, and very worth enjoying.

The Element Encyclopedia of Fairies – 2014
Lucy Cooper

Here’s the ultimate A-Z guide for fairies, but don’t expect many photos. It’s mostly text.

Acu-Yoga – 2009
Michael Reed Gach with Carolyn Marco

If you are already doing healing work with Yoga or Acupressure, pick up this book. The blending of the two gives an additional tool for well-being.

Eastern Central Medicinal Plants – 1990
Steven Foster/James Duke

The Peterson Field Guide Series

A detailed reference for the bookshelf.

The Radium Girls – 2018
Kate Moore

Her research details the dark story of America’s “shining” women who worked among the glowing dust of the Radium-dial factories in the early 1900’s. Their subsequent “mysterious” illnesses eventually exposed the scandal, and saved thousands of lives. It’s hard to believe that the element Radium was once thought to be harmless.

And once again, Book Babe recommends the newest Mary Higgins Clark book.

You Don’t Own Me – 2018

Happy gifting and reading!!



“BOOK BABE” (a.k.a. Leola) Favorites

Divining Ancient Sites
Insights Into Their Creation
by Maria Wheatley – 2014

Maria Wheatley is the founder of the Avebury School of Esoteric Studies. She resides in the Wiltshire area of England. Her father Dennis Wheatley was considered one of the UK’s Master Dowsers, and he was fortunate to inherit Guy Underwood’s material. Mr. Underwood’s research was done on the Salisbury Plain and Stonehenge before World World War II when many of the more than 2500 stone monuments in the area were destroyed. Even today, military installations surround Stonehenge, so access to doing research is very limited.

There are chapters on ley lines, earth chimneys, colour dowsing, following geodetic lines, connecting to sacred sites, space clearing and aura reading. Did you know that your aura connects you to the earth and to the place of your birth? This was researched and validated by Canadian researcher Frances Nixon in the 1960s and was further tested and confirmed by physicists at Stanford University, and yet many advanced holistic practitioners are not aware of this magnetic “umbilical cord” called a ‘vivaxis’. Viva is latin for life, and axis is a central line. We are literally plugged in to the earth and its life-supporting energy even when we move miles away from our birth place.

Other chapters show us how to identify earth energies, how to spiritualize our homes and workplaces, and also give the mounting scientific evidence that earth energies do exist. We are learning that sacred sites emit harmonic energy, and that most if not all ancient sites worldwide were positioned to connect with celestial influences. Yes, there is a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Book Babe also recommends “The Elongated Skulls of Stonehenge” by Maria Wheatley. She believes that the Long Barrows were originally built to be conscious-changing spaces. They only later became burial chambers. The Tillshead Long Barrow held only one woman’s body. After doing much research and investigation, Maria discovered that this woman had an elongated skull, and she was able to view the skull at Cambridge University.

Purchasing either or both of these books directly from the author is recommended. At last check, the cost on Amazon was quite outrageous.
Maria’s website is:

UFO Sightings Desk Reference
by Cheryl and Linda Miller Costa – 2017

Reported sightings of UFO’s across the United States during 2001-2015 are compiled, with charts, tables, and maps. The data is taken from the files of The Mutual UFO Network and The National UFO Reporting Center . The serious UFO researcher looking for detailed resource data will appreciate the many hours spent by the authors to produce this book. However, don’t expect actual sighting details; this compendium only gives the statistics of frequency, distribution, and shapes for sightings in each state.

The authors are residents of Syracuse, NY. Cheryl Costa writes a weekly “New York Skies” column for the publication. She was speaking at the 2015 IUFOC (International Unidentified Flying Objects Congress) when the seed idea for this book was generated.

Cheryl will be speaking at the Finger Lakes Dowsers Meeting On September 21, 2017. The book is available on

Clear Home, Clear Heart – Learn To Clear The Energy of People and Places
by Jean Haner – 2016

Jean Haner has written several books that are among my favorites, and this is no exception. She details her methods for self-clearing, clearing other people and clearing spaces. She uses a pendulum, one dowsing rod to follow the energies, and the Five Element Cycle of Chinese Medicine.

Jean is an intuitive empath, and like many with this ability, her experiences and challenges guided the course of her learning out of necessity. The methods she uses for clearing are gentle and thoughtful. One of Book Babe’s favorites was her method for identifying the flow of Qi (Chi) entering the front door of a home; so easy for even a first time dowser.

Being able to clear oneself quickly is a useful technique; it has become a daily necessity. She discusses DEO’s. (Disturbing Effects of Others – can you relate?) These can linger and cause problems after many years. She relates the story of a college student with a roommate who smoked incessantly. The smoke residue lingered in the student’s body when she cleared him years later.

Jean’s other books are: “The Wisdom of Your Face – Change Your Life With, Chinese Face Reading“; “The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face – Discover Your Child’s True Nature With Chinese Face Reading“; and “Your Hidden Symmetry – How Your Birth Date Reveals The Plan For Your Life“.
Visit her website:

by Madis Senner

Many reform and religious movements originated in North Star Country. This area of upstate NY has also been named “The Burned Over District” and “America’s Psychic Highway.” People were drawn to the region. Sacred Sites in North Star Country is a compendium of sites in NY, PA, OH, NJ, CT, MA, VT and Ontario, Canada where the author has identified Fields of Consciousness (FOC). Included are his personal spiritual experiences at these sacred sites, along with clear instructions for finding the FOC. Some sites are easily accessible while others will require more hiking effort. A fascinating and rewarding pilgrimage awaits the reader, even it is only from your favorite armchair.

Madis suggests that you visit one or more of the sites to pray, meditate, and perform respectful ceremony. By doing so, “Mother Earth will nourish your soul and raise your consciousness, while you also strengthen Her.” Perhaps after you have experienced some of the sites, you will feel the fingerprints and legacies left by our wise ancestors. This is a quote from the book: “Place can be just as important as time in determining history. Come explore.”

Visit to access the author’s upcoming talks/book signings. Copies are available from or The American Society of Dowsers

by Susan Collins

Master Dowser Susan Collins has just published her latest book! Susan is past president of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, a Personal Management Consultant, and a popular key-note speaker at US and International dowsing organizations.

Have you ever wished you could safely contact Alien Beings with dowsing? Since we are all children of the Universe, is this such an extraordinary pursuit? You will learn how to do it in a safe way, with proper protection and protocols.

Included with the book is Susan’s 11 step dowsing protocol on a handy pocket card. Just picking up your pendulum and beginning to dowse is not acceptable, if you desire accurate and useful answers. There are tables with specific dowsing questions for your use as you communicate with alien energies.

Susan has packed some amazing information in this 90 page soft cover book. Chapters include: Human Beings and Consciousness; Our Universe; Dowsing Fundamentals; Create Psychic Protection; Initiating Contact With Alien Beings.

Order the book directly from Susan at: where you can also sign up for her newsletter. She has training videos on YouTube on many dowsing techniques. She’s an organized and clear teacher. Currently, the book is not available on Amazon.

Circling The Square Of Life To Improve Health, Wealth, Relationships, And Self Expression
by Erich Hunter PH.D.

Dr. Hunter’s initiation into the healing arts began when a Balinese healer recognized his gifts, and guided  him to this path. Published in September 2015, the book will especially appeal to the new pendulum healer.

Presented is a system of healing that goes beyond asking your pendulum questions.  Detailed instructions remove any guesswork, and the reader is guided to develop a solid foundation in pendulum healing.  The author’s background is that of an award winning educator in the Biological Sciences.

More experienced healers can also benefit from this book. Several chapter headings include:

  • How To Select A Healing Pendulum
  • Frequencies of Healing (Radiesthetic Color)
  • The Best Time And Frequency To Do a Healing
  • Healers Ethics
  • How To Write A Healing Report
  • Letting Go Of Attachment To Outcome

There are over 25 dowsing charts included in the 130 pages, and a comprehensive list of “Causes of Illness” can be dowsed to target specific issues. Check out http://www.erichhunter.comfor online classes. The book can be purchased on

Book Babe is often asked “What have you been reading?”
So here’s my list. Maybe one or more will appeal to you for winter reading.

The Synchronicity Key – David Wilcock
Everything in the universe is alive and synchronicity is not an accident. David Wilcock identifies the hidden intelligence guiding the universe and us.

The Source Field Investigations – David Wilcock
In this book, David takes us on a journey through hidden science and lost civilizations. More about David Wilcock can be found on his website

The Secret Teachings of Plants – Stephen Harrod Buhner
Healers, herbalists, gardeners, and nature lovers will appreciate this book.
It discusses the heart-centered mode of relating to the plant world, and
teaches how to learn the medicinal uses of plants directly from the plants themselves.

Present Moment – Penney Peirce
Do you enjoy having a quote, action, or story to focus on for the day?
Then pick up this book. You can also open to any page at random,
and see what inner wisdom awaits.

The Bog Bodies: Solving Europe’s Ancient Mystery- Miranda Green
At least 2,500 years ago, a number of bodies were carefully buried in the bogs of northern Europe, rather than in traditional graves. Their tragedy has become an archaeologist’s dream, because the acidic properties of the bogs have preserved the bodies so that their skin, hair, soft tissue, and internal organs―even their brains―survive. They are revealing extraordinary information about our prehistoric past. The full-page color images may be a bit disturbing. The wealth of information is spectacular. Miranda Green is Professor of Archaeology at Cardiff University.

Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods – Andrew Collins and Graham Hancock
The ancient megalithic stone site of Gobekli Tepe in eastern Turkey is rewriting human history, much to the consternation of mainstream archaeologists. Excavation of the over twenty totally buried stone circles has barely begun. Why were they carefully buried and by whom?

Magicians of the Gods – Graham Hancock
“Fingerprints of the Gods” was published in the 1990’s. If you were intrigued by ancient archaeology after reading that book, you will certainly want to add this book to your reading list. It starts with Gobekli Tepe, the ancient site discovered in eastern Turkey that is over 10,000 years old. It continues with Baalbeck and other ancient sites that Graham has visited and studied.

Sacred Places of North America – Brad Olsen
108 U.S. destinations that include Alaska and Hawaii – just a great book for an armchair pilgrimage, and inspiration for further research.

The Genie In Your Genes – Dawson Church
Epigenetics is a new branch of science that proves we can control our DNA. Our emotions and behaviors shape our biology. Dawson Church includes the scientific studies, but he also presents an empowering presentation for the layman.

Back To A Future For Mankind – Ibrahim Karim
The author is the Founder of BioGeometry, which is essentially a bridge between science and spirituality. It is the study of how shapes, colors, motions, and sound can create harmony in our environment. Dr. Karim’s work offers a way to mitigate the effects of our increasing exposure to man-made electromagnetic radiation on our planet, and gives constructive hope to those who are called “electrosensitive.” Read about Dr. Karim’s work at

Dog Man – Martha Sherrill
Living an uncommon life on a faraway mountain in Japan describes the life of Dog Man, Morie Sawataishi. He truly lived his life for the beautiful Akita dogs that he was determined to save after their numbers were severely depleted following WWII. It’s a story about a special man and a heartwarming read.

Cancer Free! Are You Sure?” – Jenny Hrbacek, RN
Jenny Hrbacek wrote this book as a result of her profession and her own experience with being told she was “cancer free.” Since the statistics say that 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime, this book will be invaluable. It details blood and other tests that are not offered at the annual physical.

Spychips – Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre
Katherine has been called the “Erin Brockovich” of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Since this book was published in 2006, RFID Technology has exploded in our lives. Check out, known as “the world’s most private search engine” and

Straw Bale Gardening – Joel Karsten
Can we grow vegetables in straw bales, starting them earlier, and avoiding most weeding chores? Yes we can, says this author! Can’t wait to try it!

All Dressed in White – Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke
And always, I await the latest Mary Higgins Clark mystery – just for fun!

“Earth Radiation”
by Kathe Bachler and John Living

This is a classic book originally published in German in the 1970’s. It was a European ‘best seller’ for many years. The English translation was completed in the next decade. However in 2015, much of this information is still not known or accepted by physicians or laypersons in the US. One wonders how lives could be changed if doctors, teachers, and parents would consider geopathic stress/noxious earth energies as a factor in health conditions.

Ms. Bachler dowsed over 3,000 homes in 14 countries to locate the geopathic stress zones that exist where subterranean water and Curry grid lines intersect. When these were directly under the beds of individuals, simply moving the bed corrected almost all of the health complaints. In one small German village, each one of the cancer cases was located within the noxious earth energy area that she identified with her dowsing rods. She does not consider these earth energies as pathogenic agents like a virus or bacteria; instead, she believes they tend to weaken the body’s resistance to illness by causing sleep disturbances and a weakened immune system.

This is the story of an amazing teacher and researcher that continued her work in the face of enormous resistance and disbelief by the scientific community. On her journey she has met doctors, scientists, and church leaders who now accept and applaud the research she has done. Many of the results are attested to by medical doctors who found that cures were only effective after exposure to these energies was eliminated. Cases are quoted which include the use of these techniques by physicians for their own health. Animals that are considered “rayseekers” are cats, bees, ants, insects, bacteria, and parasites. Best to avoid areas where they like to sleep or build their mounds and nests. Very simple, very cheap, and very effective! The 2007 edition has a final chapter written by well-known dowser/engineer, John Living. It’s available from

“Vortices and Spirals – Unlocking The Mystery Of Our Dynamic Relationship With Mother Earth”
by Madis Senner

The author is a member of Finger Lakes Chapter ASD. Book Babe found this book absorbing….I nearly read it in a day. But do not think that this means it lacks substance, because you would be very wrong. To get full benefit, it will be necessary to re-read about the many topics: geographic samskaras, talismans, land imprints, vortices, spirals, earth chakras and stone circles. The author has studied and experienced these earth energies. However, even after many years, he admits that he is “still learning and does not have all the answers.” Book Babe especially liked that the footnotes give detailed sources, which can lead to more books on specific areas of interest. A glossary of terms is also very useful.
The diagrams are detailed and add clarity to the text.

After a successful business career on Wall Street, Madis returned to central NY and began connecting with Mother Earth. What better place to do that than this area! If you would like to learn how to raise the energy on your property, creating stone circles could be a great way to begin.

Madis has taught seminars at several ASD Conferences. In the Summer 2015 ASD Quarterly Digest, you can read another review of this book on page 13, written by our Fingers Lakes Chapter President Suzanne Kotcher. There is also an article by Madis on page 28. The book is available from the ASD bookstore and

“The Search For Hidden Sacred Knowledge”
by Dolores Cannon

Dolores compiled many books during her 45 year career as a hypnotherapist. She had just finished this book when she passed away. Her focus was always past life regression therapy, and the specific method she used was developed by her. It is known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

In this book, each chapter details a regression session with someone who has come to Dolores for help in decision making. By accessing pertinent past lives, information is accessed that gives the answers. The subconscious “knows” which past lives pertain most closely to the seeker’s questions.

If you are curious about lost sacred knowledge and ancient earth history, you will enjoy this book. Included are incarnations during Atlantis, the destruction of Pompeii, ancient healing ways, crystal skulls, Stonehenge, the teachings of Jesus, and the period of the Lemurian civilization. Much of this detailed regressed information is now being “rediscovered” and validated, such as the use of color and sound for healing.

Visit for a listing of her other books, and for QHHT class information. is a good source for a used copy.

“Dowsing Techniques And Applications”
by Tom Graves

British Dowser Tom Graves was proficient in archaeological dowsing. However, this guidebook is not limited to his specialty. It was originally published in 1976, and is still a classic. In 1986, it was reprinted as The Diviners Handbook.

The book is comprehensive in its coverage of many different dowsing topics. Chapters include how to make your own dowsing instruments; locating missing persons and objects; agricultural and medical dowsing; attuning with plants and animals; archaeological, mineral and water searching; developing and analyzing your own dowsing methods.

One of Tom’s quotes is “Dowsing leads to development of intuition. So don’t continue to dowse when your intuition is shouting at you.”

There is a small section about the Mager’s Rosette Colour Wheel, which was devised by the French Dowser, Henri Mager. It consists of a wheel with eight colors. Because each color has its own vibration, the theory is that the wheel can be used to accurately dowse the purity and quality of water, or of any other liquid or material substance. Potable water resonates with the color violet and healing water with the color white.

Book Babe suggests that you will find at least one fascinating subject in this book that will have you heading to Google for more information. The excellent Appendix also lists other books on each chapter’s topic. Both book editions are available on

“Dowsing For Cures: An A-Z Directory”
by Wilma Davidson

Wilma Davidson is a Scot, and has been a meta-physician and spiritual healer for over two decades. She is a member of The National Federation of Spiritual Healers and The British Society of Dowsers. She has many years of experience working with rain forest medicine and minerals, and is a frequent guest in the British media where she is a well-respected expert on the use of the pendulum to diagnose and treat health problems.

Dowsers have the advantage of determining what our bodies need to maintain good health. This book should probably be on everyone’s bookshelf as it will quickly become the first place to turn when faced with a medical condition. Book Babe suggests having it on your Kindle or similar device as well as owning a hard copy. It’s that useful.

The book is structured with an alphabetical list of health conditions, remedies to consider, and best of all a list of the appropriate dowsing questions. For less experienced dowsers, this is a great benefit.

Wilma has also written another book “Dowsing For Answers”. Both books are available at “Dowsing for Cures” and “Dowsing for Answers

The Atomic Archetypes In Your Life and The 43 Off-The-Chart Elements
by Barbara Brandt

In June, 2014, a chapter mini-program was presented by Leola Sutton using the information that Barbara Brandt taught at ASD Convention in Vermont.
Two books on this material are now available at
These books are the result of the intuitive gifts and insights of several people who collectively call themselves The Atomic Messages Foundation.

Each of the 118 Atomic Elements from The Periodic Table has its own unique spiritual meaning. The first book explains how the spiritual meanings of each of the elements are expressed in our human personalities, and how we can connect and interact with their unique spiritual gifts for greater self-understanding and healing. It provides detailed personality profiles, affirmations, and techniques for doing element readings for the first 75 elements. Also included are printed pages to be used in making your own element deck. These are especially useful for those who are not totally comfortable with their dowsing skills, or may prefer the option of working with cards.

The second book on the Lanthanides, Actinides, and Trans-Uranium Elements includes mini-profiles for these elements, with their gifts and imbalances, plus an explanation of the special and sometimes weird spiritual meanings of these 43 elements.

More books are planned as the group continues their quest for additional insights on the elements. If you are drawn to this topic, Book Babe also recommends The Periodic Table – A Visual Guide To The Elements by Paul Parsons and Gail Dixon. This book has color plates of each element and it adds the scientific dimension to your readings. It can be found on

The Pendulum Charts – Volume 1
by Dale W. Olson

Dowsers love charts! Dale Olson has compiled this book of 50 charts. The first one is the Master Chart that guides you to the most helpful of the 49 other charts for the situation you are working with. You may not need another chart book if you acquire this one. Some of the chart headings are: Health, Nutrition, Flower Essences, Business Decisions, Family Lineage, What Am I Telling Myself? (especially interesting), Who Is Involved?, Vitamins, House Inventory, and so many others.

The pages are printed on heavy duty card stock, so they won’t easily deteriorate with lots of use. Dale’s website is The book cost is about $21.00 and it is available on the author’s site, as well as from ASD (American Society of Dowsers) where members receive a 10% discount.

Dowsing A Path To Enlightenment
by Joey Korn

The beautiful cover on this book makes you already want to buy it. The design is called “Archangel Wings.” Joey Korn teaches the tremendous potential we have as spiritual light beings. He believes that dowsing combined with prayer and blessing is a powerful tool, and that each of us can change the energies around us with our every thought, emotion, and action. He stresses the importance of taking more time, and in being very precise in formulating the dowsing question. He says this is the key to unlock right and perfect answers.

In real estate, it’s location, location, location! In dowsing, it’s the question, the question, the question! And how many times do we hear someone say “I don’t know if I’m dowsing right. Can I trust my answers?” Joey says “doubt short circuits the dowsing connection.”

You’ll learn his method for changing detrimental energies into beneficial, and how he moves underground streams and works WITH the powers of nature rather than against them. Book Babe suggests that you purchase the 2013 edition of this book, because it contains updated information on blessing electrical fields, and on Joey’s latest findings on the Kabbalah connection to dowsing. Also check out his website where he offers a handy folding pocket set of dowsing rods.

To Our Health Using the Inner Art of Dowsing Life’s Path Soul Mission
Immune System Balancer Spiritual Enlightenment
by Anneliese and Doris Hagemann

This mother/daughter team has written five workbooks packed with detailed charts and questions to help each reader find their own personal balance so
that healing can manifest.

In To Our Health, Anneliese shares that she needed to find the answers for
her own health challenges. That began a journey introducing her to holistic medicine, and she discovered that there are numerous paths to healing.
Helping each person to find their own personal best path is the intention of
these workbooks. You could read them from cover to cover, and then shelve them, but this won’t give much benefit. The solutions they offer are going to require some work on your part.

Life’s Path Soul Mission guides the reader in learning what the soul chose
as the plan for this lifetime. Spiritual Enlightenment continues the journey with suggestions for using dowsing to increase one’s knowledge and awareness.
Anneliese and Doris teach that dowsing is the key for direct access to enlightenment.

Anneliese has been a contributor on the Dowsing Summits and lives in Arizona. She says “Dowsing is our survival tool in the 21st century.” The books can be
purchased at her website:, or you can check for used books on

The Future Is Yours – Do Something About It!
by Raymon Grace

If you choose to use your dowsing skills for positive change, Raymon Grace is the teacher you will want to learn more about. One of his favorite sayings is:
“If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you’re likely to keep on getting what you’re getting. If you do nothing, nothing will happen. If you do something, something may happen.” This book will show you how to do “something.”

Raymon speaks clearly in a down to earth way. He has a warmth that draws you to him, and encourages you to learn all the knowledge he shares. He has been a favorite speaker at ASD conferences, and attending one of his workshops or listening to his many DVD’s is just plain fun and uplifting. All of his advice is practical and useful in daily life.

Once when someone called Raymon’s dowsing “the work of the devil”, his response was – “That’s not true. I’m self-employed!” Reading this book is pure joy, and you will learn some amazing techniques that will serve you for the rest of your life. You can find this book on

If you are a beginning dowser, Raymon recommends the free book Letter to Robin that can be downloaded at You will not regret adding both of these books to your library.

The Art of Dowsing
by Richard Webster

“One of the fascinating things about dowsing is that virtually everyone can do it, provided they are prepared to suspend disbelief.” And so Richard Webster begins his book. The author was born, and grew up in New Zealand. He was exposed to dowsing at a young age, and has written over 70 books on many psychic subjects.

This may be a beginner book, but even the more advanced dowser will learn new techniques and information. The tools of dowsing are discussed, and the stories of dowser experiences show practical ways to use and enjoy dowsing. A chapter on dowsing for self-improvement is
not to be missed.

There are sections on map, agricultural, medical, archaeological; as well as locating lost objects, oil, minerals, and water with dowsing. There is a fascinating discussion of the experiments by Mermet and Bouly on rays and serial numbers. Be sure to read the end notes as they add extra detail to the text.

The Art of Dowsing was written in 1996 with more recent editions. You can find it used for pennies. Here is a link at

The Divining Hand – The 500-Year-Old Mystery of Dowsing

by Christopher Bird

Often called the “Bible of Dowsing”, its 370 pages give the complete history of dowsing, documented stories, lots of illustrations and photos, and fascinating theories on the “extraordinary phenomenon” of dowsing. It deals with water divining, missing objects, health of animals and people, mineral and oil exploration, tunnel and cave locations, and  geopathic earth energies.

The author served as a Trustee for the American Society of Dowsers (ASD) and published the book in the 1970’s. Later editions are available. He is the co-author of The Secret Life of Plants, another highly recommended book.

“The U.S. Marines Learn To Dowse” article tells how a land surveyor consultant to the U.S. Marines at Quantico, VA during the Viet Nam War years showed some of the officers how he could locate underground tunnels with his dowsing rods. This was a huge concern during the period because the jungles of Viet Nam were treacherous with these booby-trapped tunnels, and the military called it an “insoluble military problem.” The dowser easily located the tunnels at the mock-up southeast Asian village on the Quantico complex. The military brass determined that there was “no scientific basis” for the technique.

This is likely not a book you will read cover to cover in a few sittings. But if you want to know more about the background of the dowsing movement and enjoy fascinating history and true stories, this is a book to own. It is suggested that you pick up a used copy on or other used book site. The new cost is around $40.

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