Meeting Minutes 2015

2015 Meetings: Please review the minutes of the following meetings.

FINGER LAKES CHAPTER ASD – Minutes – October 15, 2015
The October 15, 2015 monthly meeting of the Fingerlakes Chapter of ASD convened at 6:35 PM at the North Syracuse Community Center. Dowsing practice was held from 6 to 6:25 PM by President, Suzanne Kotcher.

In addition to a general welcome by Suzanne, thanks were given to Eric Inglin for website and meeting announcements, Lois Favalo for refreshments, Jini Cerio for programs and to Carol Phillips for taking registration. Suzanne is looking for a new registration person as Carol will be taking a yearlong class and will be unable to continue in this position.

The Secretary’s report, Book Babe mention and the Treasurer’s report were read by Suzanne as Leola Sutton and John Butler were absent. Jini Cerio asked for volunteers to assist with a telephone tree. As always, Suzanne encouraged members to join ASD. Other announcements included the new to you table, business cards from members, flyers for upcoming events, mentoring for dowsing if needed and dowsing practice at 6 PM before the general meeting. Suzanne made an announcement for Gong-Master, Jeff Gregory, who will be holding a sound healing performance on Wednesday, October 21st at 7:00 PM in Endicott, NY. Jeff is a member of our Chapter and will be speaking to our group next April. Jini gave a rundown of future guest speakers. Jini then introduced Alicja Aratyn who spoke on “What are we talking about when we speak of Spirituality”. Alicja will conduct a beginner dowsing seminar on Friday, October 16th and an advanced dowsing seminar on Saturday, the 17th. A seminar planned for Sunday the 18th was cancelled.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Suzanne Kotcher for Leola Sutton

FINGER LAKES CHAPTER ASD – Minutes – September 17, 2015
President Suzanne Kotcher called the meeting to order at 6:30PM on September 17, 2015. The minutes were read by Secretary Leola Sutton and the Treasurer’s Report was given by John Butler.

Suzanne introduced and thanked the officers, hospitality and program chairs.

The 2016 ASD Convention will be held at Skidmore College, Saratoga, NY from
June 15-19th. There will be many speakers, vendors, and evening programs. If you join ASD, you will receive a registration discount. Another benefit of ASD membership is the Quarterly Digest that has many educational dowsing articles.

Please visit the New To You table where we share items we no longer love so that someone else can love them. A small donation for the chapter is appreciated. The business card sharing pages are also on that table.

A dowsing mentor is always available to help you learn dowsing or ask questions. Speak to Suzanne.

Program Chair Jini Cerio announced that Alicja Aratyn will be here in October and she will also have workshops. Sandee Mac, from Arizona, will be our speaker in November, and the annual Christmas Party will be in December. Jeff Gregory will return with his gong program in April of next year and Trout Rogers is booked for May, 2016.

Jini Cerio taught a short pre-meeting workshop, and demonstrated the newest Isis 16 pendulum and the M&M pendulum that has infused minerals.

The business meeting closed at 6:45PM.

Virginia Waldron presented a program about her work as a past life regression hypnotherapist.

FINGER LAKES CHAPTER ASD – Minutes – August 20, 2015
The August meeting of Finger Lakes Chapter ASD was held on August 20, 2015. A short business meeting was held by President Suzanne Kotcher. The minutes and the Treasurer’s report were read. Suzanne acknowledged help from officers Eric Inglin – VP, Leola Sutton – Secretary, and John Butler – Treasurer. She also thanked Lois Favalo for hospitality and Barbara Guzik for her dedication to the sign in table. Barbara is moving out of state. We are grateful to Carol Phillips for taking over the sign in table.

The business card page is available for you to share your cards, and can be found on the hospitality table. If you wish to publicize an event in the area, you are welcome to bring flyers for the group.

Refreshments are always welcome, but please remember that the Village of North Syracuse requires all items to be removed at the close of our meeting.

Sally Gewinner announced that workshops will be presented by Trout Rogers. He will be coming from New Mexico in September.

The business meeting closed at 6:50pm.

John Butler gave the evening program “Dare To Prepare.” It was attended by a large and appreciative audience. John gave us helpful information and many resources.

FINGER LAKES CHAPTER ASD – Minutes – July 16, 2015
The July meeting of Finger Lakes Chapter ASD was held on July 16, 2015. A mini workshop on dowsing technique was taught by Jini Cerio at 6:15pm. President Suzanne Kotcher called the business meeting to order at 6:35pm. The minutes were read, and the Treasurer’s report was given.

If you or someone you know will be looking for a water dowser, contact The American Society of Dowsers. They maintain a list of competent water dowsers who are members of ASD.

The new to you table is available at each meeting. You can leave books and other dowsing related items for someone else to love. A donation for the chapter is welcomed. There is also a card holder on that table for you to share your business cards with our group.

Please join ASD. A single membership is $50, and application forms are available at the sign in table. There are many member benefits.

If you would like a dowsing mentor, speak to Suzanne.

Barbara Guzik has made flyers to be used in advertising our meetings. If you have a location(s) in your area where they could be placed, please take one or two.

Program Chair Jini Cerio announced that SandeeMac will be our speaker in November. Kiki Waldron will be here in September, and Alicja Aratyn from Toronto, Canada will speak and hold workshops in October.

Carol Oschmann from Sun City, FL presented the program for the evening on dream interpretation.

Respectfully submitted,
Leola Sutton, Secretary

FINGER LAKES CHAPTER ASD – Minutes – June 18, 2015
The June Meeting of Finger Lakes Chapter, ASD was held on June 18th. Minutes were read and the Treasurer’s Report was given by John Butler.

A plan for sharing member business cards was described by Leola. If you wish to participate, use the Business Card Page that will be on the book sale table at each meeting. It is suggested that you place 2-3 of your cards in the page.

Suzanne announced that Adhi Two Owls, who was our speaker in May, is the new President of The American Society of Dowsers. Jennifer Anderson, a member of our chapter, is now a Trustee. Please consider joining and supporting this organization. Applications are available at the sign in table.

Program Chair Jini Cerio announced that July’s program will be Carol Oschmann, a dream analyst from Florida. In August, Delores Card will present, and in September Kiki Waldron will be our speaker. Both ladies are from Syracuse. In October, we will welcome back Alicja Aratyn from Toronto, Canada, who will teach basic and advanced dowsing classes.

FINGER LAKES CHAPTER ASD – Minutes – May 21, 2015
The May meeting of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ASD featured a short workshop by President Suzanne Kotcher, followed by the business meeting. The April Minutes were read by Secretary Leola Sutton, and the Treasurer’s report was given by Suzanne.

Please consider joining the American Society of Dowsers. Membership is $50 single and $75 for family. The annual conference is held in June. Next year, it will move from Vermont to Saratoga, NY.

It was suggested we look into the Liverpool Library for our meetings. However, it was agreed that this is not an option for several reasons.

If you would like to have a dowsing mentor, please speak to Suzanne.

Jini Cerio, Program Chair announced that our June program will be presented by those who are attending the national convention. In July, we will have a Dream Analyst from Florida. She will also present a workshop.

The business meeting ended at 6:45pm, and our speaker for the evening was Adhi Two Owls, a shaman from Vermont.

FINGER LAKES CHAPTER ASD – Minutes – April 16, 2015
The monthly meeting of the Fingerlakes chapter was held on April, 16, 2015 at the North Syracuse Community Center. From 6 to 6:15 PM a small group met for dowsing practice led by Suzanne Kotcher. The topic was finding your frequency on the string of the pendulum.
At 6:30 PM Suzanne called the business meeting to order. Officers were introduced: Eric Inglin our Vice President who also handles the website, technical support and email to the membership. Leola Sutton, our Secretary, is still away on family business. John Butler is our Treasurer. The Chapter donated $50 to the Rocky Saccento Scholarship (Leola’s family member) in lieu of flowers. We received a thank you note.
The Secretary’s notes from March and the Treasurer’s report were read next. Suzanne thanked Sally Gewinner for help with setup and for taking the meeting notes. Barbara Guzik was thanked for taking registration at the door. Suzanne also talked about registration and benefits of joining ASD.
Some general announcements were made. Dowsing practice will be held before the meeting from 6 to 6:20 PM. Suzanne would like volunteers to assist with practice. There is a new to you table at each meeting where members can bring donations of books, etc. The donations will benefit the chapter. It was stated that if what you bring doesn’t sell then you must take it home. Finally, the ASD Convention will be held from June 3rd through the 8th, 2015 in Lyndonville, VT.
Ellen Fuller thanked Suzanne for all that she does for the Chapter.
Jini Cerio talked about the upcoming calendar of Speakers:
May–Adhi Two Owls who will also provide private appointments on Friday after the meeting and two half day seminars on that Saturday.
June–ASD Convention information
July–A dream analyzer who will provide Friday appointments and a Saturday seminar
At 6:47 PM, Jini introduced Tom Meade who gave a wonderful and informative presentation on the Emotional Freedom Technique, as well as many handouts.
The meeting ended at 9:05 PM.
Respectfully Submitted for Leola Sutton,
Sally Gewinner

FINGER LAKES CHAPTER ASD – Minutes – March 19, 2015
The monthly meeting was called to order by President, Suzanne Kotcher, at 6:30 PM at the North Syracuse Community Center. Suzanne announced that Vice President, Eric Inglin and Kay Inglin and Treasurer, John Butler were attending the Southeast Dowsing Conference in Hendersonville, NC. Secretary, Leola Sutton was away on family business. Thank yous were expressed to Jere Welch for set up, Barbara Guzik for registration and Jini Cerio for
programs. Jini read the Secretary’s report. Suzanne read the Treasurer’s report and also talked about ASD briefly and the advantages of becoming a member. We have a mentoring program for those members who would like one on one dowsing instruction. Members’ business cards and flyers are also welcome at the monthly meetings. Suzanne called attention to the book donation table–anyone can buy a book, giving a donation which benefits the Chapter. Jini listed the upcoming speakers. She then gave a short presentation on the Isis pendulum. Following that, Jini introduced Madis Senner who spoke on Mother Earth energies, clearing space and samskaras. It was very interesting and gave us an opportunity to dowse the room for ley and energy lines using L rods.
The meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.
Jini Cerio for Leola Sutton

FINGER LAKES CHAPTER ASD – Minutes – February 19, 2015
The February meeting was attended by 18 courageous people who ventured out in the snowy weather. President Suzanne Kotcher called the meeting to order at 6:30pm. Jere Welch and Eric Inglin were thanked for their help with setting up and the website respectively. Shelley Santos filled in for Lois Favalo on refreshments even with a broken arm. Barbara Guzik signs us in each meeting.

The Secretary and Treasurer’s reports were read by Suzanne.

A thank you was received from Steve Herbert of Water For Humanity for our $350 chapter donation. The benefits of being an ASD member were discussed. We are under their umbrella for our charter and non profit status.

Mentoring is always available for help with your dowsing questions or problems. Please speak to any of the officers. The Secretary will have insert pages available for member business cards. The pages will be on the book table each meeting. It is suggested that you put 2-3 cards in a slot so that members can easily take one.

Program Chair Jini Cerio announced that two of our members will present at our next meetings. Madis Senner will speak in March and Tom Meade in April. In May, Adhi Two Owls from Vermont will speak and hold a Saturday workshop. July will be a program on dreams, Dolores Card will speak in August and Kiki Waldron in September.

Tom DiFerdinando, a body worker from NYC presented an interesting talk on Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy for the evening’s program.

FINGER LAKES CHAPTER ASD – Minutes – January 20, 2015
President Suzanne Kotcher called a short business meeting to order at 6:39pm. She announced that $350 was raised for Water For Humanity at the Silent Auction Event in December. Thank you to everyone that participated and to those who helped with set-up.

Chapter Member Jemma Macera’s book “Lost And Found: One Woman’s Story About Her Journey To Wellness” has been reprinted and is available for sale. She has donated a copy to the chapter.

John Butler gave the Treasurer’s Report. Eric has posted another book review on the website from “Book Babe.” This month’s report is a group of four books by Anneliese Hagemann. If you are not able to access the reports on the website, ask Leola for a copy.

Our speaker in February will be Tom DiFerdinando speaking about his energy work.

The meeting closed at 6:48pm.

The evening’s program was given by John Butler and Jere Welch on Map dowsing.

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