Welcome to The Finger Lakes Dowsers Website!

We’re excited to launch this website for the Finger Lakes Chapter of The American Society of Dowsers. We will be posting chapter news, upcoming meetings and guest speakers here, as well other dowsing news and information.

Please use this Quick Start to understand how to use this site!

Check back often for updates!


4 responses to “Welcome to The Finger Lakes Dowsers Website!

  1. Very nice!! I really like the pictures you have selected. The ASD page is great!!! Excelllent work!! Easy to navigate.

  2. Looking good!! I love the images on the new site. Connecting to nature and the earth energy spreads such a wonderful peaceful feeling. Thanks for the hard work and planting the seeds… now the Finger Lakes Dowsers are growing.

  3. hello Eric,
    it seems that your email for the password reset isn’t working.
    So, I am trying to sign in again.
    Very nice website, indeed!

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